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Plant Dog - Japanese Knotweed Powder Supplement for Dogs

Plant Dog - Japanese Knotweed Powder Supplement for Dogs

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As mentioned in the Forever Dog Book, this is a natural and safe source of Resveratrol which is great for protecting against any cancer, tumors, also stimulates injured cells to help them regain their ability to produce their own antioxidant defenses, lastly if they ever have Lyme disease, it helps treat the condition, because it increase their circulation, especially to the heart and joints! 

Japanese Knotweed is an herb that includes an excellent source of vitamin A, while the roots contain large amounts of the natural polyphenol known as resveratrol. That’s where the magic is for dogs.

Resveratrol is also commonly found in red wine which is one of the reasons why red wine is so good for you.  However, since we avoid giving our dogs red wine or resveratrol from large amounts of grapes, a supplement containing Japanese Knotweed is an excellent alternative to supply resveratrol for your dog. 

Additional Benefits of Resveratrol for Dogs

Japanese knotweed and resveratrol in supplement form tend to be pretty reliable for dogs, but it’s worth noting that clinical trials are limited. While there has been some exciting information regarding this herb and using it for dogs (especially dogs with cancer) most of the studies involve mice.

  • One study illustrated a decreased rate of the spread of colon cancer in mice who took the polyphenol orally. It’s the anti-cancer application that tends to make the most headlines, with a mixed bag of reports to explore. Some are rather excited about the effects of resveratrol, with some evidence suggesting that the use of a resveratrol supplement having an impact on one or more stages of cancer development in dogs.
  • There is some anecdotal evidence regarding Japanese knotweed and Lyme disease in dogs. Herbalist Stephen Buhner recommends using a Japanese knotweed supplement in his book Healing Lyme and notes that it is the only herbal treatment that blocks the bacterial phyla known as spirochetes, which lead to Lyme disease and other infections like bartonella. In fact, it’s believed by many that this herb is very helpful for those with Lyme's Disease.
  • Japanese Knotweed is also believed to include strong levels of antiviral and antibacterial properties. Some have reported increased energy levels and alertness in dogs who’ve consumed Japanese knotweed roots,

Get your pup started on their health journey no matter at what age, because it’s never too late to start!

Source: Farmed and Processed in USDA Organic Farm and Facility  

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