Learn About Us

What sets us apart from other pet-sitting businesses? A 25 year career in luxury hospitality for humans and a desire to bring the same level of service to your beloved pets. 

Hi! My name is Molly and I am the founder of Finn + Lola Pet Hospitality. Having volunteered extensively since my childhood in shelters, rescues, and fostering animals, I have more than 20 years experience working with pets. I began as a part-time sitter on a tech platform in the beginning of 2017 as a means of getting to know the city we had moved to and to teach my son about entrepreneurship. I came to learn after booking services for my own pets on that platform that people were just not offering the same level of service I provided to my pet families and recognized a gap in the market. There seemed to be a different scale of care when it came to pets and their families. Why is that? These are treasured members of our families and we think they deserve service that meets the human bar - and then some!

So after hanging up my hat in the human hospitality world, I decided to create my own elevated service space for pet care here in the Twin Cities. One where you can feel confident that your pets are in experienced and caring hands. We are a family owned business on a mission to level up pet care and make pet parent's lives easier by offering services that integrate seamlessly into their lives.

Our Values:

First and foremost, we lead with compassion and love for animals. Those without voices need advocates in their corner and that is what we strive to be in every interaction. Leaving your pets better than we found them is the goal and we work tirelessly to achieve that.

Hospitality is in our blood! Consider us your Pet Concierge - need your new puppy taken to puppy kindergarten? We can help. Need your new rescue pet socialized to new humans to build trust? We can do that. Want to schedule your adventure pup on a hike with us? We can make it happen! Traveling on an extensive vacation and need someone to manage your home as well as the pets? You guessed it: We've Got You Covered.

Integrity and Trust are paramount. These aren't just animals. They're bona fide members of your family (and hearts!) We understand that it can be scary to hand over your pets and homes to someone new. We have been background checked and have reviews and references ready to be reviewed by you.

Lastly, safety. We don't take this responsibility lightly. We are fully insured for all services we offer and have premium coverage to protect animals as well as homes we sit in. We practice safe handling of all pets in our care at all times and work hard to remove all unsafe variables when caring for your pets.

Hospitality is the ultimate relationship business. We want to be who you call throughout the year when holidays and school breaks afford you the opportunity to travel. We want to be in your contacts list for when work sends you on the 10th business trip of the year. With a call or text, let us take care of your pets and be your best friend's best friends.

🐱🐶 Molly Allene, Finn + Lola + Butters' Mom


Ready to book your complimentary consultation? Shoot us an email at hello@finnandlola.com and we can get you booked in.