Collection: Native Pet Dog Supplements


our diets have changed, your dog's should too.
Kibble alone is like feeding yourself a sandwich with just bread. yep, we said it. our supplements are here to give your dogs the nutrition they need and nothing they don’t, so we can live happier, healthier lives together.

In an industry that has never prioritized the health of our pets, Native Pet is redefining the bar. Unlike food and treats, supplements exist to make a real difference to our pets’ health. Because of this, we believe it’s only right that they be held to the highest standard possible — way beyond anything else we feed our dogs. This ambitious standard is what’s pushed us to work tirelessly for years, developing the best-tasting, most effective, cleanest-label nutrition around. Simply put, it’s our unwavering pact to make the best products for our pets — even when that means doing things the hard way — so that together, as pet owners, we can finally have a meaningful impact on the health, happiness and well-being of our fur babies.