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Native Pet

Native Pet - Yak Chews - Medium

Native Pet - Yak Chews - Medium

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Put the barks, whines, and zoomies on pause with our proprietary Yak Chews.

No smell, no mess, just hours of fun while you get stuff done. Organic Yak and cow’s milk provide extra protein. Plus, this long-lasting chew helps to reduce tartar off your dog’s teeth.

• Formulated to support healthy chewing with an extra boost of protein

• Yak & cow milk are high in protein and easily digestible. Plus, this long-lasting chew helps maintain healthy dental hygiene

• No Fillers, No Fluff: Native Pet never uses fillers or additives, just the good stuff

• No Mess, No Smell - Long lasting, odorless, and tough enough to be enjoyed for hours

• Backed by Vets: Formulated by veterinarians and vet nutritionists

• Perfect for all-aged dogs • Absolutely no soy, gluten, or artificial ingredients • Made in the USA

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